Nose to Mouth Lines – How to Remove the Nasolabial Or Nasal Labial Folds

Nose to mouth lines or folds are one of the earliest signs of facial aging that make a person feel that their face no longer looks fresh and young. These lines, also called the nasal labial fold or nasolabial fold, run from the corner of the nostril of the nose down to the corner of the mouth and begin to show usually in our thirties or forties. Smiling makes these lines look deeper. As we age, the cheek skin falls down or drapes over the nasal labial line to create a fold, the nasal labial or nasolabial fold and creates a tired look to the face.

What causes Nose to Mouth Lines or Folds?

A youthful face is a full face with plump cheeks. A structure called the malar fat pad is attached to our cheek bones high in the face and gives a plump or high cheek bone appearance. As we age our facial skin and supportive structures become lax and the malar or cheek fat pad and cheek skin sag downward toward the mouth and nose.

Our normal smile muscles are attached to the corner of our mouth. When we smile the pull of the smile muscle creates a line or depression which runs from the nose to the corner of the mouth. This natural line is called the nasal labial or nasolabial line. Repeated smiling and facial expression deepen this line throughout life.

As our aging skin and cheek or malar fat pad sag downward, the nasal labial line blocks the downward sag, the loose skin and cheek fat pad fall over the nasal labial line and create a fold of skin-the nasal labial fold or nose to mouth line or fold.

How to Remove or Correct Nose to Mouth Lines

These lines are normal. Most people only seek correction after the lines have deepened because of the sagging cheek and the formation of the nasal labial or nasolabial fold. This usually occurs in our late thirties or forties. There are both surgical and non-surgical methods to correct the nasal labial or nasolabial fold.

Surgical Correction of Nose to Mouth Lines or Folds

Surgical correction is done with either a face lift, cheek lift, or mid-face lift. During these procedures the surgeon detaches the sagging skin and cheek tissue from the face through a surgical incision. The loosened skin and cheek fat pad are then pulled upward and repositioned to a more youthful position higher on the face over the cheek bone. Properly performed face or cheek lift by an experienced skilled surgeon can create a beautiful result. Rayban nose pads

Non-surgical Correction of Nose to Mouth Lines or Folds

Soft tissue Filler Injections-The most common and most effective non-surgical method is to inject soft tissue filler into the nasal labial fold line. The soft tissue fillers are injectable compounds such as Restalyn(TM), Juvederm(TM), Perlane(TM), Radiesse(TM), and Sculptra(TM) to name a few. This technique plumps and camouflages the line and makes the overlying fold less obvious. Fillers are biodegradable and do need to be repeated at 6 month to one year intervals.

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